Easily Create Hundreds of LinkedIn Ads in Four Easy Steps

  • Build ad variations in an Excel sheet
  • Upload your bulk sheet
  • Review upload
  • Publish!

LinkedIn Ads are notoriously difficult to manage at scale due to the lack of efficiency tools given to advertisers. That’s why B2Linked.com created the only bulk LinkedIn Sponsored Content publisher for LinkedIn Ads.

We support handling of multiple LinkedIn accounts.

We support Campaign-group creation and updating in bulk.

We support Campaigns creation and updating in bulk.

We support Sponsored Content (both rich media and standard) as well as Text Ads.

Steps to simply create your account and start working.

  • Simply click the button above to sign into your account (or sign up).You get 14 days of free trial.
  • Get all LinkedIn accounts by clicking on Get LinkedIn Ad Accounts after login.
  • Select the account you’d like to publish to, and then you’re off to the races

Upgraded Version: For an additional fee, you get unlimited publishing. Get more about the plans Click Here